Borrego-go-go for Twenty-Four Hours

October 13, 2018

To wrap up an incredible summer of bike-capades in Europe, I signed up for a 24-hour time trial in the 6-12-24 World Time Trial Championships taking place October 26-27 in Borrego Springs, California. Some friends in sunny San Diego invited me to turn their house into a home base for my training camp, so here I am: cruising the shores of Encinitas, eating fish tacos, and sharing a bed with a cat named Precious.

Why did I sign up? The opportunity to rub shoulders with RAAM legend and ultra-badass Seana Hogan, for one, but also because I’m looking for a final opportunity to test my limits before the 2018 season is over. I want to know:

  • How many miles I can pack into a 24-hour period?
  • Am I able to ride through the night without stopping?
  • Will I survive the desert heat once the mercury starts to rise?
  • What crazy places will my mind go when there’s nothing left to do but pedal?

Now is my chance to find out.

Check out this rad (but totally dated) 2016 promo video for the event, and wish me luck!

View of mountains in Anza-Borrego State Park during a reconnaissance ride